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For years, all I needed was an idea, an ingredient and the blog world would give me numerous recipes to replicate and improvise on. I love trying  new foods, new ingredients, and improvising on traditional recipes. This blog is a way of cataloging my improvisations (and hopefully, my mom’s too, ‘cos she’s a taste tinkerer in her own right), and sharing them with my family. Because of my continuous tinkering with tried and tested recipes, my hubby calls me the Taste Tinkerer- a perfect name for the blog.

  1. Kat permalink

    This is great !!!!! I cannot wait to try some of this delicious stuff. Awesome job and thanks for sharing your experience ! Kat

  2. shubhu permalink

    Beautifulllllll blog 🙂 Very nice pictures too .
    Taste Tinkerer hope to stay in touch .

  3. Grace permalink

    Hi Tastetinkerer,
    Landed on your blog thro’ Kay [liveloveworkout] & Quinoa Dosa. Am also an AOL member but just missed the Ayurvedic course in Ashram, as were moving from Montreal to Alberta.

    My 7 yr. old is having eczema/asthma from birth — apart from
    my chronic illness, mainly for her sake , wanted to do the Ayurvedic course as I’m desperately hunting for reliable material based on Indian traditions & Ayurvedic principles.
    Could you possibly share any recipes or guidelines or set of instructions they gave during the course ?

    Would be extremely beneficial for us . If not an inconvenience, please can you mail me.


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