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Potbelly Sandwich Works

July 6, 2008

I used to live in Chicago land and for the past five years make an annual trip to visit family. One ritual that is part of this trip is to have my Potbelly-fix. Sounds weird, you say? Potbelly Sandwich Works serves toasted sandwiches and many other goodies. Every Potbelly restaurant has an antique oven placed in the center- the decor reminds you of the good ol’ days gone by (in keeping with the history of the place), with sepia photographs on the wall, some baseball memorablia, and a lot of other antiques hung or placed around each store.

My introduction to Potbelly’s was when I was helping a new friend in school move into her apartment. After a few hours of hard work, lugging goods from the truck to the apartment, we took a break and walked across to this sandwich place in Lincoln Park. I still remember walking into this packed place with the smoky smell of bacon in the air. I had the Italian sandwich (and to this day, even that remains part of my tradition)…the crunchy yet chewy bread with all the meats and fixings tasted juicy, tangy and yummy!!

You see a lot of Potbelly’s in Chicagoland now- practically one in every nook and corner. While I like the accessibility, I’m concerned it will use this gourmet status it had (I’m pretty sure its not just in my mind). If you’re ever in Chicagoland, check em out- they have three vegetarian sandwich options and also a kid’s menu.

  1. Potbelly sandwich has a nice ring to it, looks like we don’t have any of those here in the Bay area.

  2. sukanya permalink

    I am a big fan of potbelly sandwich. I am yet to taste a sandwich close to it. Yummy, is the word!!!

  3. I love their sandwiches too and the veggie soup is the most satisfying thing in the cold winters. They had opened up right adjacent to my Univ campus in Cincinnati and I would go there for lunch/dinner atleast 2 times a week! There isn’t any near where I live now đŸ˜¦

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