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Quinoa Dosa/ Crepe

June 25, 2008


I love dosas! The only problem is it needs some planning-not only if you’re making the maavu (batter) yourself (which means planning at least a day ahead- soaking the rice and urad dal, grinding and then letting the batter ferment), but also when it involves a trip to the local desi store to get pre-made dosa maavu (dosa batter). Its no secret that Quinoa fascinates me- I’ve made quinoa paella and used quinoa in soups. Considering its nutty flavor and mother of all grain status, I wanted to see if I can make a more nutritious version of dosa using quinoa, that would also be easy and quick to make (i.e, no planning- because dinner every night is decided about 5-10 minutes before I start preparing for it!! 😉 )

What you need

  • 1 Cup of quinoa
  • 2 Cups of Water to soak
  • Water to grind
  • Salt to taste
  • 1/4 tsp Eno or baking powder (optional)
  • Cooking oil 


How its done

  1. Wash the quinoa and soak it in the water for about 15-20 minutes
  2. Grind the quinoa with a little water. Make sure that the batter is not thin. It should be of spreadable consistency (like regular dosa batter or a crepe mix)
  3. Add salt to taste, and if you want some fermenting action, add the Eno (available at the local desi store).
  4. Let it stay for about 5 minutes while you heat up the tawa or griddle. (TIP: To get the best dosas, use a cast iron griddle or tawa- these are thick and pre-treated and hence non-stick; the thickness allows for even, consistent heat)
  5. Now, to prepare the tawa for dosa or a crepe, spread some oil on it (or spray some oil with a spray bottle- much less oil than the traditional spoon method). When the tawa is hot (and this is counter-intuitive), use a cloth dipped in ice-cold water and wipe it. Now, the tawa is ready for your batter.
  6. Take a ladleful of the batter and drop it in the center of the tawa, spreading it with a movement in concentric circles, till the batter is evenly spread and you have a thin crepe.
  7. Spray cooking oil around the edges and in the center. Wait till the batter on the tawa changes color. Use a spatula and flip the crepe over. Cook the other side for about 2 minutes. Flip again- fold and serve. 

Quinoa dosas emit a wonderful, nutty aroma when they roast up. They come out golden brown and don’t brown too much..serve with your favorite coconut chutney or “gunpowder”!!

I just discovered the Pancake on Parade event being hosted by Susan of thewellseasonedcook (interestingly, she announced the event the day I originally posted this recipe for Quinoa Crepe. So, Susan, this is my contribution to your event!


  1. Quinoa dosa, grape muffins and dandelion greens poriyal! You are very creative and clever…everything looks delicious.

  2. Quinoa dosas looks soft and easy to prepare…have added you to my blog-roll for Bay Area food bloggers…it was nice meeting you on Saturday.

  3. I would never ever have thought of putting quinoa and dosa together… This one is a fabulous recipe.

  4. i cud nvr evr get tired of dosas……n this one’s quite innovative.

  5. That is an interesting way to use quinoa. Tagged you.

  6. Thank you, TT. This is so novel a recipe, but tell me, please, what is “gunpowder”?

    (The round-up will be online later tonight.)

  7. Why you brilliant brilliant person! What a fab idea! (like you dont know that already). I repeat: How COULD I have not known about your blog till now???

  8. I tried quinoa dosa today and it came out real good. I adapted your recipe and used soaked quinoa and added some urad dal flour since I added more water while grinding. Thanks for the inspiration and the recipe.

  9. What a great idea! I would love the recipe for your podi – any chance of that?

    • Thanks, Ganga! My recipe for the podi is my mom’s – 1 cup each of washed Urad dal and Chana Dal, roasted separately till you smell the nuttiness; 1 1/2 cup of dried red chillis (less if you don’t want it very spicy), also roasted slightly in a tablespoon of oil; 1 Tbsp of sesame seeds, roasted till nutty; Salt to taste; 1 1/2 tsp of Jaggery; Salt to taste – Powder all of the above to your desired consistency (we like it a little crusty in my home, but most people prefer it to be a smooth powder).

  10. Precisely what genuinely moved u to write “Quinoa Dosa/ Crepe The Taste Tinkerer”?
    I personallyreally appreciated the post! Thanks for the post ,

    • Hello Tara
      I love Quinoa and I also love Dosa, which usually is made with rice and lentils. As my husband is vegetarian, I always look for ways to increase the protein content of the food we eat, and that was my main inspiration.

      thanks for visiting.


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