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Ajnabee, tum jaane pehchane lagte ho….

February 22, 2008

O Stranger, you seem familiar to me….The afternoon with fellow bloggers reminds me of this old Kishore Kumar melody. When I decided to go for the╩CA Bloggers meet, I saw it as an opportunity to meet new people. Having recently moved to the Bay Area, this was a great way for me to build my network. I’ve never done such a thing- go to meet complete strangers. In sharing what went through my head as the event approached,╩I will echo╩The-Cooker,╩Sreelu╩and╩madras2madurai– will it be awkward meeting these strangers? I am new to the blogging world and I looked at all the blogs, saw the comments and the banter, and thought to myself- Oh my god, they’ve got such a rapport…will I be the only stranger in the room? And, I have to make someone else’s recipe- will that come out the way the author intended it to? The pressure was intense…I don’t think I’ve ever felt the pressure cooking as I did the days leading up to event. I decided to make╩Beetroot Pulao╩from Chef Mythreyee- I thought it was a unique use of Beetroot! A week before the event, I reviewed the recipe, checked my pantry to see if I have the ingredients- made a trip to the desi store to get MTR Pulao Masala (I didn’t know there was such a product out there!). And, unlike me- I stuck to the recipe as the Chef detailed it. The only difference was in the equipment- I used my electric rice cooker, oh and I added some lime juice when I added to rice and vegetable mixture to the rice cooker (a family friend had given me that trick to ensure that rice doesn’t stick together). The result was this gorgeous rice delight, and it tasted…..soooooo gooood….even if it means I’m tooting my own horn (although the credit goes to the Chef- Thanks, Mythreyee!)╩beetrice.jpg╩╩╩ So, I arm myself with the pulao rice, directions to The-cooker’s abode and I’m the first one there…….we got chatting and the doorbell rings and the others start coming in….and from there the chatter never stopped- here we were, meeting for the first time, sharing our experiences, talking about our favorite grocery store (good’ol Trader Joes!), our recipes, our experiences leading up to the meet, what we can do next, how do we continue the conversations- anyone looking on wouldn’t thought we’ve known each other for our entire lives! ╩Two hours into chatting and munching on yummy eats that The-cooker and Sreelu had made, we ╩realized that we had stuff to do- Eat more! ╩What a fun day….thanks all for a wonderful event..can’t wait till the next one. Ok..enough of my rambling..time to let you hear from others that were there:╩Revathi,╩the torch is yours…╩

  1. Thanks for the tip you learned from your friend. I will try it next time I make some rice variety. A very good writeup.

  2. TT, nice right up, so does this me you are a sucker like me for Kishore da melodies ­čÖé

  3. You all had a great time ­čÖé Lovely pulao

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