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Of Masala Dabbas and Spice Guns

February 15, 2008

For the longest time, I was attached to my masala dabbas… know, the typical Indian kind- a steel container that has 6-9 steel katoras with a “cover” to keep the masalas from mixing and a lid.I used to have two- one for north indian masalas (dhaniya powder, zeera, haldi, lal mirchi powder,salt, garam masala) and another for the south indian tadka essentials (mustard seeds, asafoetida, red chillis, chana dal, urad dal, methi seeds).mds1.gif No “test tube” masala rack or those wooden racks with little bottles appealed to me…till I found (or I should say, G found for me)- the magnetic spice rack. Not the kind that takes up counter space….these are little dabbas that are neatly tucked away on the inside of my cabinet door. I love my little masala dabbas…..they’re easy- just twist and tap; twist back and stick to the door (magnet on the back of the dabbas takes any work out of that too!).masaladabbas.jpgAnd, now there’s anothe device in the market-the Spice Gun……I can only say one thing about this- I’d like to see the tool junkies cook with this thing!! You have to give it to the inventor, tho- its cool that someone of thought of using the nail gun principle to spices! Now, instead of opening dabbas, I can be trigger happy!

  1. vimmi permalink

    Nice addition to the kitchen. I have 2 tupperware masala dabbas. Love them. My Husband’s cousin gifted them to me when we came to the USA. One has the north indian masalas as u said, the other all whole masalas. Should replace them with ur south Indian tadka items, bocs have started cooking a lot of those foods.

  2. Wow… That looks so cool. Where can I find it? I have the Ikea small bottles for my South Indian essentials and a masala dabba for North Indian stuff. Wouldn’t mind swapping it for the magnetic ones to get some precious cabinet space 🙂

  3. you have a lovely bl;og here. we’ve added you to our blogroll. do get on taste of india if yo can it’s an RSS aggregator for desi food blogs. i don’t run that site, but recommend it o everyone.

  4. Glad ur hubby liked the pachadi !! Thanks for letting me know –

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