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Vegetarian Wonton Soup

January 9, 2008


On a rainy, cloudy day, a spicy, tangy soup’s perfect to soothe the soul and bring warmth. I toyed with the idea of making Mullligatawny soup but then decided I wanted some vegetables. I had some vegetarian potstickers in the freezer and frozen stir fry vegetables as well. Armed with these, I decided to make my own Wonton Soup:

 What You Need 

     –       1.5 teaspoon sesame oil

       1 clove garlic

        3 Green onions

       8-10 potstickers

       ½ a packet of frozen Asian Stir Fry vegetables (combination of sugar snap peas, bamboo shoots, water chestnut, carrots, mushrooms)

       1.5 Quart Vegetable Stock

       ½ teaspoon Chinese five Spice powder

       2 teaspoon Tamarind Date Chutney (my secret ingredient!)

       Crushed Red Pepper flakes to taste

       Salt to taste

       Fresh ground pepper to taste

 How its done

1.     Add the oil to a saucepan and heat. While its heating, mince the garlic and chop the green onions finely. I use the white portion of the green onion as well.

2.     Add the garlic and the white portion of the green onions to the  hot oil and fry for a few minutes till they both are transluscent.

3.     Add the Vegetable stock, spices, tamarind and simmer. Feel free to add more water or stock and adjust the spices. You don’t want the soup too thick or too watery.

4.     Once it reaches a boil, add the potstickers and let cook in the broth for about 5 minutes, then add the vegetables and cook till the vegetable are tender and the potstickers are transluscent. Turn off the heat, and serve hot in bowls. Garnish with the chopped green onions.

 I cooked my soup a little longer and then let it sit for a while before I served it. The potstickers disintegrated and added to the yummy flavors of the soup!!


One Comment
  1. Siobhan permalink

    This is an awesome recipe, so much flavour! thanks a million! =]

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