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Poi PanCrepes

January 9, 2008

garden-veggie-pancrepe.jpg G and I spent a week in the Big Island, Hawaii in December’07- our long-awaited, much needed and very well deserved vacation! Big Island is idyllic- a perfect spot if you just want to chill by the pool and on the beach, enjoying the balmy weather in shorts….We did that for the most part. We also did the “sightseeing”- Kailuea volcanos and the Waipio Valley waterfalls by Helicopter, drive around the island to tropical Hilo, Aka Aka Falls, and Kona. As you might guess, I look for unique foods wherever I go and we found something very interesting in the Big Island. Its a small restaurant call U-Top-It in Kona. Their PanCrepes (which are being patented by the Chef, I believe) are unique in that they have Poi (or Taro, also called arbi or arvi in hindi, Chepankazhangu in Kerala Tamil and Sepankazhangu in Chennai). The Poi is purple in color and is traditionally made as a mash (akin to Mashed potatoes) and is a staple in Hawaiin diet. Although, they wouldn’t tell me the recipe, my guess is that the PanCrepe batter is made with buckwheat, eggs, milk, butter and then blended poi is added to it. The concept at U-Top-It is you can make your own- U top your PanCrepe with toppings of your choice. G made his own while I ordered the Garden Vegetarian PanCrepe. They both looked yummy. G’s toppings came cooked with the PanCrepe (and looked exactly like an Utthappam). My PanCrepe was stuffed with the veggies and looked like a stuffed rava dosa. They were really delicious….and was the best vegetarian meal we’d had on the island. More than anything, they reminded us of our Moms. So, here’s what we ate and we thought of you, Ammas…  pancrepe-with-avocado.jpg  

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