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Almond Date Laddus

November 27, 2007



I tried this recipe after watching Dave Lieberman on Food Network. Its a simple recipe with few ingredients and few steps. Its fairly healthy (its made of natural ingredients and doesn’t involve anything that is processed), although I will not call it a low calorie food.

What you need: 
  •  1 Cup- Pitted Mejdool Dates
  •  1 Cup- Almonds
  •  A couple of tablespoons of honey
  • Oill to help roll the balls
How its done:
  1.  Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees farenhiet.
  2. Chop the almonds into pieces and lay them out on a cookie sheet. Heat the chopped almonds in the oven till they’re a shade darker
  3. Chop the pitted dates into small pieces and process them in your food processor till they form a ball
  4. Here’s the messy part- apply some vegetable oil to your hands and mix the chopped, toasted almonds (save the very powdery portion of the chopped almonds) and the chopped dates. Add honey to bind the mixture together. The consistency should be such that you are able to take a chunk of the mixture without any of it disintegrating.
  5. Make little balls (laddus) and roll in the saved powdery chopped almonds.

Its hard to keep away from these…. 

One Comment
  1. Looks fabulous, I make a variation of this with oats, nuts, dates and cardamom !

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